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Welcome to
Skin Institution

Scientific Safety & Quality Testing 

Middle East's Clinical Efficacy Testing for Skin & Hair 
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Skin Quality Mark

In the world of cosmetics and skincare, trust and transparency are paramount.

At SKIN INSTITUTION, we take pride in our mission to deliver the utmost clinical quality testing services to the Middle East,

ensuring the safety and effectiveness of your products.

Choose Premium Quality in Clinical Efficacy Testing for your business.


At SKIN INSTITUTION, client satisfaction is our top priority.

We work closely with you to provide personalized testing services to meet your specific needs.


Experience higher sales and trustworthiness through our Clinical Efficacy Testing services.

From microbiological analysis to quality claims, our certifications validate your excellence.

Partner with us for success in

the Middle East.


Our team of expert scientists and cooperation partners are committed to conducting scientifically sound research to ensure the highest quality in 

Clinical Efficacy Testing services.

Join us in promoting safety and quality assurance in
the Middle East
by participating in our comprehensive
product claim testing services

Our Services

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Safety Assesment

Microbiological Tests

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Claim Testing

Verified Efficacy Testing 

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Skin Quality Mark

Certification & Mark


your premier Middle East choice for precision-driven 

Verified Clinical Efficacy Testing: SKIN QUALITY MARK.

Our comprehensive services span cosmetic products, skincare products, hair products and supplements.

Fueled by our extensive expertise in marketing claim validation and intricate knowledge of the cosmetic industry, we provide unparalleled solutions to enterprises across the globe.


Elevate your product's triumph with

SKIN INSTITUTION – your strategic partner for success.

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Certified Excellence Partnering for Efficacy in the Cosmetic Industry

Elevate your confidence with SKIN INSTITUTION.

We stand as your dedicated guardian, ensuring the safety and quality of cosmetic and skincare products customized for the Middle East population. Embrace the unwavering reliability and precision of our testing services.

Choose the path to more sales and success with


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