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Food Supplement Analyses

Unlocking the Power of Health Claims Analysis

in the ever-evolving landscape of dietary supplements, the significance of "health claims" cannot be underestimated.


At Skin Institution in the Middle East, we offer an expansive array of detection methodologies aimed at revealing the health impacts of active substances found in food supplements. From the cost-effective in vitro cell test to the cutting-edge in silico simulation and the real-world in vivo subject test, our services cover a diverse spectrum of techniques.

Vitamins and Minerals Analysis:

Embark on a journey to uncover the true potential of food supplements through our rigorous examination of vitamins and minerals. We unveil the essential health benefits they bring, both to your overall well-being and the health of your skin.

Functional Substances Analysis:

This analysis uncovers the functional substances responsible for enhancing effectiveness, with a particular focus on their impact on skin health.

Orange Capsules
Healthy Fruit Juice

Safety & Quality

Authenticity Tests Analysis:

Trust in the health claims linked to your chosen supplements. Our rigorous authenticity tests analysis ensures that scientific evidence unequivocally supports the benefits, especially concerning skin care.

Raw Material Comparison and Integral Tests Analysis:

By meticulously comparing raw materials and conducting integral tests, we ascertain the quality and potency of the ingredients. We emphasize their advantages for skin health and overall efficacy.

Microbiological Contaminants Analysis:

Our comprehensive services extend to identifying and analyzing contaminants. We secure your trust in the purity, effectiveness, and safety of the chosen supplements, with a special focus on promoting vibrant and healthy skin.

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