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Claim Testing 

Boost sales with skin and hair products that don't just promise, but deliver.

At Skin Institution, we are all about real results based on science.


Validating the efficacy of skin and hair cosmetic products is integral to your successful development and marketing, especially in the Middle East.


Adhering to international and national regulations, substantiating claims like "acne reduction", "cellulite reduction", or "anti-aging" requires scientific validation.

We understand the significance of clinical efficacy testing in establishing the credibility and effectiveness of your products with SKIN QUALITY MARK.


Skin Institution conducts in vivo efficacy tests, employing advanced imaging and measurement devices with the best laboratory partners. 


Our expert scientists and cooperation partners

perform thorough statistical analyses, providing robust evidence to support your marketing and product development by proven claims. These insights inform

marketing strategies and product advancement.

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Discover a wide array of Health Impact Analysis options for bioactive compounds in Dietary Supplements.


Our services include cost-effective in vitro cell assays, cutting-edge in silico simulations, and real-world in vivo trials, providing a comprehensive range of solutions.

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